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Wedding style

Wedding style

Wedding style can be absolutely different. Certainly every year, lots of fashion trends are coming to us.
Last season popular styles were "Provence", "Shebi-chic", "Country", this year colors are very popular - "Tiffany", "Vanilla", "Peppermint"

It has become very fashionable and relevant, to think not only about color, but also sounds and even smell.

When choosing the style of the wedding, I would recommend to pay attention not only to the popularity. Competent team of decorators, stylists and organizers will be able to create exactly your style and give it a beautiful, inspiring name.

To create your own style certain things are important to consider:

1. Colortype of the bride and groom - chosen color palette, which is beneficial to accentuate and reveal a couple

2. The location for a banquet and ceremony. In Russia, most often, the choice of sites is limited - you have to deal with what we have and to coordinate the style with the selected wedding venue

3. The image of the bride and groom - dress, make-up and hairstyle, accessories, shoes, costume

4. The combination of male and female. A typical error - to create a purely girlish decor, like a dream room for Barbie. It is important to understand that a man will not feel comfortable in this kind of space.

Also, special attention should be paid to the personalization and corporate style. I recommend to draw the logo in selected colors and think about where and how it can be applied.

It is important to understand that many created accessories - painted monogram of the new family, bride's dress, family album and lots of other things - start a great traditions for the new family. These details remain the most valuable legacy for future generations.