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Selecting the reception venue

Selecting the reception venue

Selecting the reception venue is one of the most important things in the preparation for the wedding. In this article, I'll share what you should pay attention to and how to properly choose the ideal venue for your celebration.

1. To start with, choose the number of guests and the format of the wedding. Usually, in Russian cities, there not a large selection of sites for 100-200 people. Therefore, if you have a lot of guests, the choice of the venues will be limited. Likewise, if there is not a lot of guests, and the venue is huge - guests will feel uncomfortable and to create a warm atmosphere you will have to put a lot of effort in it.

2. Location of the venue is also very important factor. Is it easy to get to, to find? Is there any difficulties with getting limousine and bus there, is there parking?

3. Terms of the reception. During the meeting with the banquet manager, it is important to find out:
- The average check per person
- The conditions under which the restaurant is closed completely only for your event
- Is it possible to bring your alcohol, fruits, cake
- Whether there is a room rental
- What equipment is the restaurant equipped with. Terms of equipment rental
- Seating options on the necessary number of tables
- How long can you continue the feast
- How long can there be a loud music played
- The presence of the stage and dressing rooms for artists, if you're planning a program
- Are there any special conditions on this site
- Ask the menu options

4. Kitchen. To be confident in the quality of food offered, plan for dinner, where you should try all the proposed dishes.

5. Temperature. Try to get to the venue not long before the wedding, at the same time when you plan the reception. Check if air conditioners and heating units handle the temperature. In case of problems you can rent air conditioners or a heat gun. 

6. The dead zone. Many banquet halls are separated by pillars, fountains and other architectural forms that can be on the way of seeing the newlyweds, the program, the screen. Please consider this when seating guests.

7. Furniture, tablecloths, dishes, clothes of the staff. During the meeting with the manager of the restaurant, ask to see what is available, take a picture of everything - it will help you work out in detail the design of the wedding. 

8. Scenario of the wedding celebration. Schedule the time when decorators, sound technicians and other services can start working, the timing of the event, what time do guests come, breaks, what time are the fireworks possible, when is it necessary to disassemble and remove everything. Are there any rules about getting equipment and other accessories in and out. What not to do in this area, etc. Match the time of serving the food with the program, because if actions are not synchronized - hot dishes will cool down on the table.

9. Number of banquet halls in the same area. If the restaurant has several halls, there is a high probability that your banquet will not be the only one.

10. Toilets and cloakroom. Check the presence and quantity. This is very important!

11. Lighting. Ask to turn on the light in the room at the time, when you are planning your event. You may need more light to help photographers and videographers get the best results.